Our 5 Year Warranty to You…

Brushworks Painting warrants the workmanship of all our painting finishes for a full 5 years.

If a failure occurred due to improper application, we will fix the failed area. This will include paint and labor for the problem to be corrected. The homeowner will not incur any additional cost. Drywall repairs, wood at (touching) ground level and horizontal surfaces such as a deck where pooling can occur are not covered under this warranty. However, if the failure has been caused by an outside force such as impact or moisture, or any other acts of nature or accident, beyond what is normal daily use, Brushworks Painting will inform the homeowner of the problem, and provide a competitive bid to repair the damaged area prior to any work being performed.

Sometimes life happens, Brushworks Painting wants to make sure it doesn’t happen to your home. We want yours to look good for the life of your warranty.

Brushworks Painting will perform up to an hour of touch-up in your home once a year, for 5 years, for as long as you live in your home. This will include all surfaces that we have painted.

Applies to residential painting only.