Prepping Your House for Painting…

An experienced house painter can tell you that a large part OR  almost all of the time spent on painting is spent doing prep work. Getting the room ready to paint is just as important if not more important as the actual painting itself. Be sure you have yourself a bucket with plain water in it and a damp cloth or two. These will come in handy of cleaning up spills and paint spatters. Plain water is also great for cleaning up the walls before starting any painting. Grease, dirt, and dust will impair the ability for paint and primer to stick to the walls.

So, cleaning the walls first is very important. During this cleaning and prep stage be sure to have a look around for any repairs you may need to make. This would include filling nail holes with putty, sanding and replacing baseboards and trim, patching drywall, and similar repairs.

With the putty and trim, you may need sandpaper and time to allow things to dry properly before starting any painting. You want to make sure to take as much time as it takes to get the job done right rather than rushing through and making a mistake that will end up costing you down the road.

Along with minor repairs and patching, you may want to be sure to have wood putty, caulk, spackle, and a putty knife on hand. Once you have filled holes, patched drywall, and repaired trim, double check and make sure the wall is still clean and there is no left over dust or debris from the repairs. If you have chipped or peeling paint, you may need to pull away or sand off more of that paint before painting as well.

Once you have cleaned the walls, take measurements so that you can tell how much paint you will need. Usually your gallon of paint will go about 300 square feet of wall or ceiling space and about two gallons per room is the average so be prepared before you go to the paint store to get your supplies or you will be making numerous trips to the store.

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