What is Your Exterior House Painting Cost?

The painting of your home is like buying an investment.  Everyone likes to know they made a good choice for quality, longevity, and long term comfort.

The 3 biggest variables in the process are listed below, and will hold the most weight when calculating your job pricing.

The 3 Major Variables:

  • The texture of your exterior.  Ranging from stucco (rough) to flat, to
    in between, the texture of the exterior determines the amount of paint you will need. For example, some synthetic stucco's really eat up more paint fast. Whereas if we are just painting regular siding not do much.
  • The height of your home. This metric can have a range as many homes
    are built using different heights to ensure a sound structure.
  • Accessibility. If you have a lot of bushes, pipes, wires, or uneven ground, these can all play a part in the pricing as we have to take extra measures and use other equipment to ensure its a job well done.

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